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Lucky 7s - Pluto Junkyard

Clean Feed CF 141

Jeb Bishop, trombone (guitar on "The Dan Hang") / Jeff Albert, trombone, bass trombone / Josh Berman, cornet / Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone / Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone /Matthew Golombisky, double bass (electric bass on "The Dan Hang") / Quin Kirchner, drums

#6 / Pluto Junkyard / Ash / Cultural Baggage / Future Dog (for Jaki) / Jaki's Walk / Afterwards / The Dan Hang / Sunny's Bounce

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Compositions 1, 6, 7 & 8 by Jeb Bishop (BMI), 2 by Quin Kirchner (BMI), 3, 5 & 9 by Jeff Albert (BMI) and 4 by Keefe Jackson (BMI)

Recorded July 19 & 20, 2007 at Strobe Recording, Chicago, IL by James Wagner assisted by Gary Schepers / Additional recording by Matthew Golombisky / Mixed by Jeff Albert and Jeb Bishop Mastered by Jeff Albert / Produced by Jeff Albert and Jeb Bishop / Executive production by Trem Azul / Photo by Laurie Herbert / Design by Travassos

I used to have some of these to sell directly, but I am now out of them. The Jazz Record Mart and Downtown Music Gallery each had them in stock, the last time I checked. Of course direct from the label works too.

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1) Stitch (Jeb Bishop, BMI) mp3 sample
2) Swirling (Jeff Albert, BMI)
3) It's Something To Try. For Today, At Least. (M. Golombisky, Tomorrow Music, BMI)
4) Belgrade (Jeb Bishop, BMI) mp3 sample
5) 504 No More...? (Jeff Albert, BMI) mp3 sample
6) Farragut (Jeb Bishop, BMI)
7) Bucktown Special (Jeff Albert, BMI) mp3 sample

Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone
Jeff Albert - trombone and tuba
Josh Berman - cornet
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Matthew Golombisky - bass and effects
Keefe Jackson - tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Quin Kirchner - drums

Produced by Jeff Albert, John Worthington, and Jeb Bishop
Recorded live at The Hungry Brain in Chicago on March 5, 2006, except
"504 No More...?" recorded March 4, 2006 at Enemy in Chicago.
Recorded by James Wagner (Strobe Recording, Chicago)
Mixed and mastered by John Worthington

Special thanks to all of our families and loved ones. We couldn't do what we do
without your support. Thanks to John and Jamie for your technical expertise, to Jaki for running
a home for wayward musicians, to Blake and John for the name idea, and to all the great music
fans of Chicago for your support and enthusiasm.

Additional thanks go to The Empty Bottle, Colin and Seth at The Ice Factory, Jason at Enemy,
Dan and The Hungry Brain, Josh and Mike with Emerging Improvisors, Justin and all the folks at
WNUR, Bill Meyer, Neil Tesser, and Art Lange.

©2006-8 Lucky 7s

email: phone: Jeff Albert (985) 966-6093